Team 7700 wins the Teamwork Award

VEX robots world

Rolling Robots Team 7700B competed at the 2014 Vex Robotics World Championship in Anaheim, California.

VEX robots world

Here is the entire team and their robot. The team competed with the best 152 middle school robotics teams from 28 countries in the world.

VEX robots world inspection

Late Wednesday night (April 23), three members of the team arrived in Anaheim to get the robot inspected and ready to compete. At 7:30pm they were inspected and checked in.

In the "VEX DOME", the team met many tough competitors and struggled with the challenges presented. After a few setbacks on Thursday the team worked until 10pm to get the robot ready for the next day. Friday was another difficult day but we did pick up a win and improved our rankings. Saturday was set for finals and awards.

VEX robots world

Team 7700B was honored to receive the Teamwork Award. The "Teamwork Award" is presented to a group of teams from a single school, or organization, that demonstrates a season-long commitment to cooperation, unity and mutual respect, and has built a sustainable multi-team robotics program, and demonstrates the ability to field multiple independent robotics teams which also work and collaborate together to enrich the experience of all students involved. This is a shared effort with Team 7700A - Middle School team from Glendale, Team 7700R - High School team from CAMS, and Team 7700J - Vex-IQ team from Palos Verdes. Congratulations to all that supported Rolling Robots Team 7700!.

Here is the Saturday Highlight video, watch at 0:48 for the Rolling Robots Team.

VEX robots world

One of the most exciting moment is when the new game for the 2014 - 2015 season was unveiled. It is called SKYRISE for middle school and high school teams. This presents a brand new challenge. The video below is about the new game.

Without break, Team members are already starting to work on the new game. There are only 10 weeks before their first competition of the 2014 - 2015 season in Hawaii. It's time to work......

International VEX Summer Games, July 10 - 12, 2014, Honolulu, Hawaii.
VEX International Summer Games