The intro to electronics workshop is suitable for students aged 6+, and no prior experience is required. This beginner level course will show students the basics of circuits and teach them to create complex LED circuits with littlebits. If your roboteer is an intermediate student already familiar with circuits, they will learn what an integrated circuit is and how they are used as building block for more advanced circuits. The advanced students in the class will delve into the mechanics of next level, embedded electronics where the circuit actions are implemented in software. Every student will build a lighted Christmas tree circuit project they get to take home with them! Advanced students can also purchase an Arduino micro-controller from us if they wish to take the ability to control their Christmas tree with software home with them as well.

Some of the components and tools we will use are:

  • Batteries
  • Switches
  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • 555 and 4017 IC
  • littleBits
  • Arduino

All students will learn to make a basic circuit and read a circuit diagram. Using your basic circuit as a base, we will then learn about insulators, conductors, and electric current.

LED circuit
LED breadboard circuit

Our beginner students will use littleBits to complete a variety of circuit based projects.

Students will also learn about integrated circuits and how we use them as building blocks of electronics. Most students will be able to find their way around a circuit diagram of this level:


The student take-home project will be to build an LED blinker circuit to make a Christmas Tree or other festive display.

For the more advanced students we will have a project on embedded electronics using an Arduino microcontroller. Students will write and modify code to make the microcontroller execute several different circuit functions.

To sign up for our Intro to Electronics Winter Camp, please click the button of the location where you want to take the camp:

Glendale Palos Verdes West LA