How to Capture Your Child’s Future: One Robot at a Time

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At Rolling Robots, we embrace the phrase “Carpe Futurum”. Many strive to “Seize the Day”. But our kids? Everyday they show us what it means to seize the future.

So many stories begin like of one of our star Roboteers, Alex. Eight months ago, Alex was a kid who loved playing Minecraft at home but had no other outlet for his growing technology expertise. Then, one fateful day, he discovered our Rolling Robots competition team.


Made up of programmers, builders, drivers and more, Alex quickly found a spot among new friends that had all had something in common – a passion to be the best at what they love doing – building and battling robots.


That passion can be seen budding in even the youngest of Roboteers. At just 7 years old, Dylan has already been attending tech workshops for a few years already – mastering one level at a time, at his own pace. His Mom, Lynn, has been an avid supporter of Dylan’s progression at Rolling Robots. Why?

“This place gives Dylan a robotics environment that can’t be found anywhere else,” says Lynn. “Rolling Robots is a great place for bright minds to grow.”

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And these young minds start early. Dylan’s 4 year-old sister, Brooke, has started attending workshops as well. After watching her older brother play and begin building robots, Brooke was eager to join in. So we developed a mommy and me workshop series for the 4 to 5 year-olds. No mind gets left behind!

young inventors

Starting at age four, kids can come in and explore new technology that allows them to build their own moving inventions with LEGO pieces, craft materials and the littleBits, which make everything light up and come alive. Taking one look at Brooke and her new inventions gives the immediate impression that a young mind has been sparked. She’s hooked. As many of the parents agree, the only hard thing to do at Rolling Robots is getting the kids to leave when the time comes.

mommy and me technology workshop

After few years of creating her own robots and learning new technology, we hope Brooke will keep her interests in robot and join our competition team. Or even start one of her own, just like 16-year-old Jacob, who formed his own robotics team in his high school. Jacob came to us to mentor our young Roboteers and in exchange we support his competition team. It’s a win-win situation.

VEX team

When Jacob enters the workshop it’s not unlike a sports star entering an arena. The kids in competition team approach him immediately with questions (something wasn’t working right at the last challenge and it needs fixing ASAP!) and even the youngest come running over to greet Jacob. He’s a star in their eyes.

It’s this camaraderie across the ages at Rolling Robots that isn’t found in many places. Kids can relate to each other on multiple levels when a passion for creativity and learning is their language.

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 robotics team

These Roboteers seize their futures with their ability to embrace technology and create new inventions - all while working together. The experience at Rolling Robots is built on education, teamwork, determination and FUN. It’s why the kids keep coming back. It’s why their parents keep bringing them. It’s why the Rolling Robots competition team beat out all the other teams at their last competition and are now headed to the state championships. These are the things movies are made of – and they live it everyday, right here. (Although if you’d like to buy the rights to our story, we’re happy to talk!)

Imagine the amount of pride the kids take in their trophy case – decorated with design awards. They love to show it off and are already working hard to add to their collection. It almost matches the amount of pride their parents have when talking about it. (Step aside, Pageant moms.) They’ve watched their kids come into their own at Rolling Robots and start a journey towards success. Seizing the future one day (or Robot) at a time.

Visit our workshop page and Start your child as a Roboteer at Rolling Robots today!