Summer Camp students form a new Middle-School team

Team 7700C is a newly-formed team competing in the 2015 -2016 Nothing But Net season. Right now, the team consists of four 6th grade boys, one 6th grade girl, and two 7th grade boys. They all got started at Rolling Robots during the summer of 2015 when they enrolled in our Mech Bots 2.0 Summer Camp program. Every camp we offer is a series of instructional workshops, this one focusing on the core principles of the Vex Robotics system and the new game that VEX introduces for their competition each year. All the students excelled at their training, and the very best and most interested students from the camp were then invited to form team 7700C and compete in the middle-school level VRC (VEX Robotics Competition).

Team 7700C

The team started by learning the basic skills needed to build and code a robot. They were taught how to cut metal, design parts, and how to manage code software versions.

cutting metal

Their first match of the season was the VEX Jets Middle school event. The first event for a new team is always a fun challenge; figuring out your arena-side positioning and how to interact with judges and your alliance partners is a big task and a great learning experience.


The team passes their first official inspection.


Presenting to the Judges.

Judges Award

Team 7700C rose to the occasion, learning quickly and performing so well that they earned the Judges Award as a team deserving of special recognition. Winning that award was a great start to their season and it motivated them to work even harder to see just how far they could go.

Vex Robot

Their robot design has a short-range shooter using Nautilus gears and a hand-fed thrower using a sector gear configuration. All of this was mounted on a Mecanum drive base to provide the robot with agile motion around the field. The design is creative, yet simple and clean, and ultimately paid off by winning them the Design Award at two separate competitions.

The Design Award is presented to the team that demonstrates the most organized and professional approach to the design process, project/time management, and team organization. Their newly won Design Award also qualified them to compete in the California State Championship, which will be held from March 11th-12th in Pasadena, CA.

Design Award

Here's a video of their robot in action; as you can see, this robot excels at controlling and scoring the orange bonus balls. The 7700C and 7700A won this match with a score of 144 for the red alliance to 56 for the blue.

Season highlights include these awards and finalist positions:
  • Judges Award - VEX Jets NBN 10/10/2015
  • Design Award - South Bay NBN 12/5/2015
  • Design Award - Mt. SAC VEX Nothing but Net Competition II 1/17/2016
  • Tournament Finalist - TESI Nothing But Net Tournament at Miraleste 1/23/2016


The team is now working hard to get ready for the State Championship. Though, as you'll notice above, just because they're working hard doesn't mean they forget about their snack time. ☺