The VEX IQ Workshop combines robot building and robot coding. Students will learn about the basic principles of mechanical design, including structure, motors, gears, and more, that they will need in order to build a competition robot. Then students will use the ModKit programming environment to program the robot for self driving tasks and radio controlled operation.

VexIQ Competition Robot

The Vex IQ system is a snap-together plastic building kit that provides great structural strength but also allows for quick changes of design for creativity's sake.

Graphical Programming VEX IQ

The coding for VEXIQ software is done with ModKit, a graphical language (it uses a Graphical User Interface, or GUI, to help students assemble code quickly without having to know the details of procedural programming). The graphical nature makes it easy for even the youngest students to get started learning the basics of programming the code that makes a robot execute commands.

Programming with ModKit

Moreover, behind the scenes the graphical interface is generating real robotics code in higher level programming languages, so while using the GUI the students are also learning about the structure and logic behind software coding that can easily transfer to other languages such as Robot C.

The workshop includes building, coding, and a competitive challenge. After completing this workshop students are eligible to apply to become a member of our VEX IQ competition team.

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