Now all grades are covered!

7700J Team First Week

VEX robotics awards

Here is our Team.

The team got off to a great start this week. The completely built the clawbot straight from the book with very little help. this gave them a chance to get used to the new VEX-IQ system. Most of the team are experts with LEGO Mindstorms so it was not a stretch to move up to VEX_IQ.

VEX robotics awards

Our Vex Toss Up team now has a chance to mentor a younger group. Team 7700B will be helping the IQ team with their design and strategy. 7700B is a middle school team that is competing in Vex Toss Up this year and has Qualified to compete in the California State Championship. So our little 7700J team has some great role models to follow.

VEX robotics awards

Alex helps get the VEX-IQ remote paired


Rolling Robots has launched a new Vex IQ team. VEX IQ is a new robotics system that brings all the features of the VEX system down to the level of elementary and middle schoolers. Now we have all grades covered. 7700R is our High School Team, 7700A and 7700B are the Middle School teams and 7700J for Jr is the youngest competition team including Elementary School students as young as 7.

February 22 is our competition date at UCSD

We will meet every Tuesday and Thursday during February to prepare for the competition. We will be meeting at 3:45 to 6pm. Please attend the first meeting February 4, 2014 at 3:45 for at least 1hour. Other days schedule can vary try to come at least 1 day each week.

General Details and Rules are Here:

Details about the February 22 Competition at UC San Diego.

5 Winning teams at the UCSD event will qualify the team for the VEX-IQ State Championship.

VEX IQ Challenge California State Championship 3/14/2014 at Great American Theme Park, Santa Clara, CA

and the 2014 VEX World Championship event in Anaheim, CA

VEX Robotics World Championship VEX IQ Challenge Division