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7700A and 7700B Sweep Awards at CAMs Tournament

VEX robotics awards

February 1 was another VEX Toss Up competition. Held at the California Academy of Math and Sciences or CAMS on the Cal State University Dominguez Hills Campus, CSUDH it was an opportunity for Middle School level teams to compete with only other middle school teams. This was a challenge for Rolling Robots teams 7700A and 7700B, and the last chance for the Glendale team 7700A to qualify for the State VEx Championship.

For the 7700A team of Evan, Gregory, Harper, Jack, Miles and Nathan it was all on the line. The tension was in the air right from the beginning with the robot going right down to the deadline to meet inspection. 7700B had their share of stress as well , although already qualified for the state tournament, Alex, Josef and Saahil came today with the goal of winning it all. After weeks of work and scouting with their fellow team members Anderson, Kevin, Manas and Tyus it looked like they had a pretty good chance.

Each team plays 6 Qualification rounds with randomly picked alliance partners and opponents. Most matches went our way but there were a few tough losses through the day. This was not going to be an easy tournament. Eventually the Qualification results landed the Rolling Robots Team 7700A at 10th and 7700B 5th out of 23 teams. This meant that 7700B would advance to the final elimination rounds and have the opportunity to choose an alliance partner.

In the Alliance Selection 7700B chose 7700A as their partner to make an all Rolling Robots team. If they were to win today they were going to do it together. this was the strategy over the last two weeks with the teams practicing together and meeting through video conferences to discuss tactics.

VEX robotics Strategy

The 7700A and 7700B Alliance meet to discuss strategy one last time before the finals.

As expected the first ranked team 7045B Eagles from Lindbergh Middle School, Long Beach picked their schoolmates 4th ranked 7045A Eagles. They are now the team to beat, two great records and great robots.

The big match up came in the Semi-finals. Rolling Robots would be the Blue Alliance, Eagle is the Red Alliance. Both teams have robots that can perform most all aspects of the game. Both alliances have reliable autonomous modes, both can stash buckyballs and handle the large balls, Rolling Robots has one advantage that the 7700A robot can hang for extra points at the end of the match. The Eagle robots use a scissor lift to stash and manage large balls. This scissor was the deciding factor in our defeat at their hands during the qualification matches. 7700A has a high scoring autonomous mode and is swift to clear all scoring object from the hanging zone then finishes with a hang for extra points, it is one of only two robots at this event that can hang.

The Rolling Robots team advances to the finals. The second ranked Alliance dropped in the Semi-finals so we will face the 6th ranked Alliance of 6912 the Wildcats of Westerley School of Long Beach and 5075A the Falcons of Lindsey Middle School also in Long Beach.

Everything went as planned and Rolling Robots wins it all. Now all Rolling Robots VRC teams have advanced to the State Tournament March 14th see you in Santa Clara!

VEX Robotics 'Toss Up' California MS State Championship 3/14/2014 at Great American Theme Park, Santa Clara, CA

VEX Robotics 'Toss Up' California HS State Championship 3/14/2014 at Great American Theme Park, Santa Clara, CA

7700R Takes another Design Award at the Orange Lutheran High School Tournament

This weekend was only for our High School Team 7700R. One more chance to compete before State.

A nice small tournament at Orange Lutheran High School

VEX robotics

7700R got off to a slow start but was stashing buckyballs quickly.

This was a nice small event and the team really felt that we were among collegues and friends. One of the coolest things we saw was a team that could descore stashed buckyballs. They can actually reach into the goal and remove buckyballs, cool!

VEX Toss Up Descore Buckyballs

The day went well but not perfect and the team was thankful when 4053C Sun Valley Engineering chose them as an alliance for the elimination rounds.

VEX Sun Valley Engineering

Just like the High School team 7700R has been there to support the Middle School Team Josef of 7700B showed up to lend a hand where he could.

VEX robotics awards

We survived only through the quarterfinals. When the award anouncements came we we graciously accepted our second Design Award of the season. We really have a team of great junior engineers!

VEX robotics awards

Tournament results and Award Details are here:

Orange Lutheran High School January VEX competition 1/25/2014

7700B Wins Design Award at CSUN Qualifies for State!

January 11 was the Vex regional Qualifying Tournament at Cal State University Northridge CSUN. This was a challenge for Rolling Robots teams 7700A and 7700B, our High School Team 7700R is already qualified for the State VEx Championship and decided to sit this one out.

The teams showed up before daylight 6:30 am to meet at IHOP for breakfast. 7:30 to check in get our pit ready. John from 7700R showed up about 8:00am as a scout and mentor to the junior teams.

Our adult Mentor Dr. K from Rolling Robots was busy as an inspector of robots this morning, so the team had to get set up by themselves. A good learning experience for the team, to find out where you need to be and when, on time, by yourselves.

VEX robotics preparation

Here is the Palos Verdes team 7700B presenting to the judges, mechanical engineering professors really grilling the young ones about how they solved design problems and ended up with the robot they have entered.

The Qualification results landed the Rolling Robots Team 7700A at 9th out of 48 teams. and 7700B 16th. Our neighbor Miraleste Middle School, ranked 9th chose us as an alliance partner for the finals.

7700B is off to the Final Elimination rounds, but don't forget about 7700A the super team player that landed in the middle of the pack. A nice showing and the most consistent "hanger"" of the day. Check out this pick of 7700A hanging in the last few seconds!

We did not win the elimination tournament but when it came to awards time there was a big one waiting for the Rolling Robots team.

We never thought it was possible but after several weeks of hard work the team 7700B won the Design Award. This is a really big deal because it is not based on competitive performance rather it is based on the quality of the engineering done by the team. The mechanical Engineering Professors have reviewed the work and judged this team to have the best approach to engineering design, project management and problem solving. pretty awesome for 12 yr olds in a High School competition. Maybe the Rolling Robots Kids are the next technology leaders of our country?

VEX robotics  finals alliance

If not at least they are happy, motivated and curious. What is the square root of i ?

7700 Team Scrimmage

On December 7th the three Rolling Robots teams got together for a scrimmage as practice for the next two tournaments.

The teams met at the full competition Arena at Rolling Robots in Rolling Hills Estates.

We spent a while getting the robots ready then went head to head in timed competitions.

Any competing teams watching, please learn our best practices, but be afraid, be very afraid these kids will prevail!

Competition Events

Southern California Vex Competition 11/2/2013 at El Camino College

The Results Are In!

The Surprising Stars of the day, Rolling Robots Team 7700A at 9th out of 48 teams. Not bad for the youngest team on their first outing.

VEX robotics 7700A

Three Rolling Robots teams showed up early and stayed late. We let Southern California know that the kids from Rolling robots were here to compete.

VEX robotics preparation

Here is the young Glendale team getting ready, their strategy was to win autonomous mode, be a team player and make the high hang as the finale.

VEX robotics qualification results

The Qualification results landed the Rolling Robots Team 7700A at 9th out of 48 teams. Not bad for the youngest team on their first outing.

VEX robotics  finals alliance

Here is the proud 7700A team with their new alliance partner Granada Hills Robodox 599B team. 7700A is the front row left to right: Miles Straw, Greg Karaoghlanian, Evan Straw, Josef Kirkman (of 7700B) and Jack Fuetterer.

Here is the video of the finals with the finale of the Glendale Rolling Robots Hanging. Watch the other teams check this out with amazement!

VEX robotics 7700 awards

Rolling Robots took home two awards. In the finals the Alliance of Rolling Robots, Robodox and St Francis made it to the Semi-finals. The 7700A team did so well on their first appearance that they took Judges Award over 45 High School teams for Teamwork and presentation, the judges stated that they were considered in the discussions for every award category. Not bad for the youngest team at the competition.

But wait there was another award. Team 7700R did not have a great showing in the competition landing a ranking of 41 of 48 with 1 win and 3 losses. The great thing about VEX is that quality engineering is highly valued and that gave team 7700R the Design Award for the best Engineering Design and Project Management. Recognizing that some days in competition things just don't go as planned but good solid engineering upfront is the learning experience. This is so important for the kids that this award qualifies them to compete at the State Championship. So stay tuned for news from Santa Clara in March 2014.


Competition Teams


Teams 7700R High School and 7700B Middle School get together in Palos Verdes. Two great teams one is just a little taller than the other : )

vex scrimmage toss up

Toss Up scrimmage with two complete robots 2 weeks before the first competition.

vex  toss up

The boys from 7700B show how easy it is to score using the robot built by 7700R

robotics coaching
robotics coaching

The experienced one coaches the noobs

Frontier Titan Quest Robotics Tourney 12/14/2013 at Frontier High School, Bakersfield

Chadwick School's VEX Robotics 'Toss Up' Tournament 12/21/2013 at Chadwick School, Palos Verdes

CSUN Regional VEX competition 'Toss Up' Tournament 1/11/2014 at Cal State Northridge

Mt. SAC VEX competition 'Toss Up' Tournament 1/18/2014

Orange Lutheran High School January VEX competition 1/25/2014

CAMS Middle School VEX competition 'Toss Up' Tournament 2/1/2014

VEX Robotics 'Toss Up' California HS State Championship 3/14/2014 at Great American Theme Park, Santa Clara, CA