Registration now open for September Enrollment

The Rolling Robots Vex Robotics Competition Teams are gearing up for the upcoming competition season and we’d like to invite your child to consider our VEX IQ Robotics Elementary School Level Team.

New teams are starting in several locations. let us know where you are and we will come to you.

Rolling Robots is home to several world class VEX Robotics teams. Competing in VEX IQ competition challenges is the first step towards becoming part of a World Champion robotics team, and we’d like you and your child to consider signing up. Team enrollment is open to students of all skill levels; the VEX IQ system and the competition itself are designed so that elementary school age students can get started in hands-on robotics without any prior experience.

Rolling Robots is the perfect place to get involved with competitive robotics. We have a curriculum designed to help all our students excel at these events, and our history shows our methods get great results. In 2016 - 2017 we had 6 VEX IQ teams comprised of students from grades 3-5 and all 5 of them made it to the California State Championship. Because of their stellar performance in these State competitions, 3 of our teams then went on to the VEX IQ World Championship held in Louisville Kentucky. You can follow the results of our teams at: and on our social media: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @rollingrobots

Our VEX IQ teams with their proud parents (and robots) at the 2017 World Championship.

The VEX IQ competition uses an all plastic kit that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and then reassembled again, allowing for lots of quick experimentation. The events are structured to be non-competitive with teams improving themselves to reach the highest score. When two teams are on the field they are not working against each other but are rather attempting to reach the highest combined score. Students of course end up comparing their scores through local and world rankings etc, but it’s always positive and in the spirit of good fun. The details of the challenge are found here:

Here are our teams 7700P and 7700J from Rolling Hills Estate winning the highest challenge achievement, the “Excellence Award”, as well as the also prestigious Design Award at the Chadwick VEX IQ tournament in January 2017.

In addition to the robot building, programming, and operational aspects of the events, students will also be interviewed by judges about their design and development process during a STEM presentation that students will prepare, much like a science fair project. We need students on the team to help with all these aspects, so you can see that with all these different elements there is room for students from all ages and with all types of talents and interests.

​Here students are using the scientific method to determine the best launchers for their STEM project.

Team 7700W gets interviewed before the State Championship Game

Being on a team is unlike any other class or after school program that you may be familiar with. We work with our teams the same way we would with a group of young, professional engineers. They will be given a project (the specific competition) and they will learn to figure out how to best complete it using the skills in design, building, and programming methods we teach as part of our curriculum. The instructors are their technical experts and serve as consultants to them rather than teachers.
We provide training on the basics such as motors, gears, structure, and robotics code, and we engage them in detailed technical discussion based on their questions. At first some students may find this type of learning environment unfamiliar, as it’s so different from what they’re used to, but eventually they inevitably end up enjoying the creative freedom and flexibility it offers and it proves itself as a great strategy towards achieving a high level STEM education.

The 2016-2017 competition Robot of our Rolling Hills Estates team, 7700J.

How to Join:

New teams are starting up with single day introductory workshops. The team will be focused on learning to build and code robots using the VEX IQ system. After the initial workshop and team formation, we will usually meet once per week for 2 hours at a time. Each team will be a minimum of 6 members and maximum of 8. After developing a robot and practicing the team will compete in several events during the season.

Our Registration page is open at:

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