Two Undefeated Teams and 8 Trophies in Reseda and Hawaii

Rolling Robots takes the show on the road, and emerges victorious! Congratulations to all our teams for their triumphant efforts.

This past weekend saw a flurry of activity for the Rolling Robots Championship teams. We had two big events lined up, the Victory in the Valley tournament in Reseda, CA, and the Pan Pacific Championship in Honolulu, Hawaii. This was the very first event for our new middle school team, 7700K, and a big one it was. Despite the challenge and their lack of competition experience, they had a strong showing and exited the qualification rounds undefeated and in first place.

Vex Team Win Reseda

Also in Reseda, 6007X was a tournament finalist and went on to win the Robot Skills Award with a score of 106 as well as the Create Award for creative engineering design.

Vex Team 6007X Win Reseda

Last but not least, our High School team 7700R returned to Hawaii to defend their title as Pan Pacific Champions and came home undefeated with 4 trophies!

Vex Team 7700R Win Hawaii

Finals 1 match RED Alliance 7700R Rolling Robots, 359A Hawaiian Kids vs Blue Alliance 2460A Na Paniolo and 4142A Pearl City High School.

All of our teams did incredibly well and we are super proud of them and their accomplishments. Here's a complete breakdown of all our achievements at the competitions this last weekend. And thanks to everyone reading for your support.

Victory in the Valley Tournament, Reseda, CA

  • 7700A - 21st with 4 wins 4 loss, 9th in skills - 40 pts, Quarter Finalist
  • 7700C - 22st with 4 wins 4 loss, 10th in skills - 40 pts, Quarter Finalist
  • 7700K - 1st with 8 wins 0 loss, 8th in skills - 42 pts, Tournament Finalist
  • 6007X - 4th with 6 wins 2 loss, 1st in skills - 106 pts, Create Award, Tournament Finalist

Pan Pacific Championship, Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 7700R - 1st with 10 wins 0 loss, 2nd in skills - 137 pts (9th in World Ranking), Tournament Champion, Innovate Award, Future Award
  • 7700S - 14th with 6 wins 4 loss, 16th in skills - 62 pts, Quarter Finalist