Start your tech education this winter break

When is the best time to start your tech education? Why wait? Winter break is a great time to get started! Whether is be for a single day workshop or for the entire break, we have tons of different classes available to help kick the learning fun into high-gear this holiday season.

During the winter break we are offering STEM workshops in Robotics, Electronics and Code. These workshops are similar to our summer camps in that they provide a great introduction to STEM concepts in a small group setting. The workshops are typically comprised of 3 to 6 students and an experienced instructor. The workshops are 3 hours long each day and we have morning and afternoon sessions available; you can also book both sessions and stay for the whole day you want! During each session there are 2 to 4 different workshops being taught by different instructors, so you have many learning options available to cater to your child's interest and age level. This structure also give students a chance to interact with other students studying other subjects, broadening their experience at Rolling Robots.

Watch the video and read the Winter Camp topic synopsis below to get a better idea of what our winter camps are all about. Then choose your location at the bottom of this post to get started attending camp!

Winter Camp Descriptions
3D Printing DesignAges 8-14Design a 3D Model with Autodesk 123Design and print it out on a 3D Printer.
Arduino CodingAges 8-14Code an Arduino Microprocessor and use it to control a robot or to power your own hobbyist projects and inventions.
LEGO Robot Building & CodingAges 7-12Build a LEGO robot and program it to do things with the LEGO Mindstorms coding platform.
littleBits InventorsAges 6-9Learn basic electronic circuits and make force-driven R2D2 and other fun inventions.
Mech Robot BuildingAges 7-12Build a 'battle' robot with the VEX system. Prerequisite for VEX Robotics Competition.
Minecraft Building & ChallengesAges 7-14Learn Minecraft Skills and building with friends to meet daily challenges.
Scratch CodingAges 6-12Learn programming and animation with MIT's Scratch. Create computer games and animations.
VEX IQ Building & CodingAges 7-12Build a VEX IQ Robot and program it using Modkit. Prerequisite for VEX IQ Robotics Competition.
Palos Verdes
West LA