Party FAQ

  1. What goes on during the two-hour robot building birthday party?

    The following is a typical party schedule for a robot building birthday party.

    • Open robot battle play for the first 15 minutes
    • Robot building time: ~ 45 minutes
    • More robot battle play or robot races: 15 minutes
    • Food Break: about 30 minutes
    • More robot battle play if time permits
    • Birthday Cake and Picture Time: 15 minutes
  2. Do the children get to keep the robots they build?

    Yes, children will keep the robots they build (except for the VEX robots; these can be purchased separately).

  3. How many children can a party accommodate?
    • Parties in the Robo Captain Room: 20 robot builders
    • Parties in the Robo Tech Room: 15 robot builders

    Parties with more than 20 robot builders will require either booking both available party rooms simultaneously or choosing the closed-door private party option (availability subject to location and the date/time of the party). Discounts available for larger parties, please ask a staff member about booking an extra room or private party before placing your order.

  4. Are siblings included in the guest count?

    Every guest who builds a robot or actively participates in non-robot-building parties (i.e. the Minecraft party and the Battle-only party) is counted. Younger siblings who are present (but not participating in activities) will not be counted.

  5. What should I do if there are more or less guests coming than the number of guests on my reservation?

    Please email and call us one week before the party date if you plan to modify the number of guests attending. If the notification is less than 7 days, we cannot guarantee we will have enough extra robots for all of your additional last-minute guests. If more guests come than your reservation allows for then you will incur a balance that will be paid at the end of the party. If some of your guests don’t make it to the party, you will receive a refund for robots that were not built.

  6. Are the parents able to attend the party?

    Yes, parents can attend the party at no additional charge. At least one parent is required to be on the premises at all times for the supervision of all party guests.

  7. How old does my child have to be to celebrate their birthday at Rolling Robots?

    Children as young as 5 years old can enjoy our Robot Building Party.

  8. Can all the kids choose their own type of robots to build?

    The Birthday Boy/Girl chooses the type of robot to build prior to the party and all party guests build the same robot. Our party host will provide instruction and guide the group through the build process.

  9. Which robot should I select for my child’s birthday party?

    Robots with fewer screws and smaller parts are recommended for younger builders. Here is a guide we have seen that works well.

    • Tabletop: Age 5 - 10
    • Brush: Age 6 - 10
    • Duck: Age 6 - 14
    • Propeller: Age 6 - 14
    • Doodle: Age 7 - 14
    • Smart: Age 7 - 14
  10. What is included when we book the room for two hours?
    • Party guests play the robot battle game with remote controlled robots in the Rolling Robots’ arena
    • Private use of the party room that you have booked, though there may be other activities or parties in the other rooms and open areas. (Ask about the private party option if you want to avoid this)
    • Party staff to assist guests through the robot building process and guide the robot battle activities
    • One Rolling Robots’ T-shirt for the guest of honor
  11. What goes on during a Minecraft Party?

    Rolling Robots will provide the computers or laptops to use for the Minecraft Party. Kids will explore and play in a world we set up for them on our privately managed Rolling Robots server. The Server Admin will monitor the game and kids. Meanwhile, the parents and any other guests not participating in playing Minecraft can wander around the store or play with the battle bots.

  12. Can we bring our own food?

    Yes, you can bring your own food. We provide counter space, but there is no refrigerator or kitchen area.

  13. Can I arrive early to set up?

    The party space is available at your party starting time. We will help you to set up while your guests enjoy our robot battle games. If you arrive earlier, we will do our best to get your room ready earlier, usually we can have the room ready 10 minutes before your start time.

  14. Do the children get to battle with the robots they build?

    The robot battle uses Rolling Robots’ battle robots, not the ones they built during the party, with the exception of the VEX Robot which will be used for the battle game in the battle arena.

  15. When will the children be eating during the party?

    Please refer to Party FAQ No. 1. However, we are flexible and special requests can be considered. Please discuss with your party host.

  16. Do you have a freezer for ice cream/ice cream cake or other perishable items?

    We do not have a refrigerator/freezer available for party use at any of our locations.

  17. Is the store open during the party?

    Yes, we are open to the public during the party. We may have other parties or workshop activities going on during your party time. Please contact us if you wish to book a closed-door private party. Email us at

  18. Is there a place set aside for parents to socialize?

    Yes, parents can either stay in the party room or move about the retail and game arena area of the store.

  19. Do you host parties for adults?

    Yes, please email us your request at

  20. What kind of cake do you offer?

    We work with the best local bakeries to provide high quality cakes with a customized Robot theme. The cakes are ¼th sheet. The options are a chocolate cake with chocolate filling or a vanilla cake with butter-cream filling. (Availability subject to location, please choose your cake option during checkout).

    • For Glendale: Ruby’s Bakery
    • For Palos Verdes: Mayers Bakery
    • For West LA: Mayers Bakery
  21. From where do you order the pizza?
    • For Glendale: Crispy Crust
    • For Palos Verdes: PapaJohns
    • For West LA: Louise’s Trattoria
  22. Do you host off-site birthday parties or events?

    Please email us if you would like to have a party or event off-site.

  23. Where do we park?
  24. Where are you located?

    Our locations and maps are on our website at this link: Rolling Robots Store Locations

  25. Do you offer goodie bags?

    For Robot Building parties, the robots that the children build will be placed in a bag for them so they can take it home - it's the ultimate party favor!

  26. What is your cancellation policy?

    Any date/time changes to reservations will incur a $50 charge. You can request a date/time change or a full cancellation of your party without any additional charges beyond the $50 fee if the request is made at least 1 week before your original reserved party date. Cancellation of your reservation or party date/time changes within 1 week of the reserved date will result in forfeiture of the full party reservation fee as well as the cost of any other party add-ons you have ordered that are past their respective cancellation dates (for example; if cake has been ordered for your party, you will be responsible for the full payment of the cake).

  27. How do I use a gift card in an order placed on the website?

    Put the first digits of your gift card (before the first '0') along with the last four digits into your order notes. You will initially be charged for the full order total, but after we verify your gift card your account will be credited to reflect the discounted total.

  28. How many kids do you allow for a Minecraft party?

    We can accommodate 12 players.

  29. What is the minimum age for Minecraft?

    Typically 7 is the minimum age. We will be playing using computers with keyboards and a track pad so the child should be able to operate those proficiently.

  30. Is the Minecraft world accessible to anyone?

    The world that your party plays in is only accessible by the party guests. We play on a privately managed Rolling Robots server that kids get to play on and explore. In addition, we will also have a Server Admin in-game to monitor the game and kids.

  31. Do the kids play Minecraft game for the entire party?

    No, we have about 30 minutes set aside for food and cake. Kids may play our robot battle game when they first arrive at the party.

  32. What is latest date I can book a party?

    It is recommended that every party should be reserved at least 3 weeks in advance to ensure availability.