Summer Camp 2017
Summer Camps 2017
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Summer Camp Info
App DevelopmentAges 9-14$275.00Aims to pique students' interests in learning programming through designing their own apps. Students learn the basic logic of App Development and programming.
Arduino ProgrammingAges 8-14$250.00Learn to program the popular Arduino microprocessor (using the C language) to make LED lights blink. Students build and program robots to complete mazes and participate in a SUMO competition.
3D Printing DesignAges 8-14$275.00Learn to use Autodesk 123Design to design your own 3D creations. Learn basic techniques such as drawing, extruding, and mirroring. Students leave camp with their own 3D printed toys.
Bots for TotsAges 5-7$250.00Learn about mechanical, electrical, engineering, and programming concepts through fun toys, games, and building a robot to take home.
LEGO MindstormsAges 7-12$250.00Build a LEGO robot and learn how to program its sensors using LEGO Mindstorms. Compete in challenges too!
VEX Robotics CodingAges 9-14$300.00NEW! Students learn about the new VEX Challenge game of the 2017- 2018 season and build their own robots to play the game. Prior VEX building experience required.
Minecraft 1.0Ages 7-12$250.00Learn Minecraft building techniques, the details of command blocks, and how to change the look of the game. Introduction to Physical Science. No programming.
Minecraft 2.0 - MODAges 9-14$275.00Go behind the game and learn about profiles, textures, resource packs, and build your own MOD on Minecraft. Students learn to MOD the game using JAVA.
Robots RockAges 7-12$250.00Students learn about structures, gears, motors, wheels, and the use of tools to build their own remote controlled robots with the VEX system.
Scratch CodingAges 6-8$250.00Learn computer programming (with MIT's "Scratch" language) to create your own video games and animations.
Unity Game DesignAges 9-14$275.00Learn to create and program a 3D game with Unity. Make your own multi-level maze game with custom scenes, levels, and characters.
VEX IQ Building & CodingAges 8-14$275.00NEW! Students learn about the new VEX IQ Challenge game of the 2017- 2018 season and build their own robots to play the game.
Summer Camp Schedule
Summer Camp Schedule
Summer Camp Schedule
Summer Camp Schedule