Robotics and STEM Memberships and Workshops

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Get your young tech genius started early on the "Way of the Roboteer."

We build a personalized learning program for each student focused on their interests and catered to their schedule. Each student will start with some basic circuits and structures before advancing to more advanced concepts, such as designing structures and programming. They are developing the skills that they will need to further their life ambitions.

Students will even have the option to join our prestigious Competition Team, where they can meet and interact with other bright young minds and apply their skill set in a fun and constructive learning environment. We are offering several forms of memberships to meet the needs of different families.

Bots for Tots Workshops

Skill Building for Younger Kids

The Bots for Tots Workshop is a brand new Rolling Robots Workshop just for your 4 to 6 year old! The workshops are designed to be a fun way to teach children mechanical, electrical and engineering concepts, as well as develop their fine motor skills and creative thinking.

For Ages 4-6

Fun with Technology

Lessons and projects for new Roboteers.

Each student should start with this level, even if it is just for a review. Subjects and projects include: circuit diagrams and components, electricity and magnetism, engineering structures and geometry, LED lighting circuits, compasses and electric motors, gravity, forces and bridge building.

For Ages 7+

Mech - Robots

Robotics for Kids

Students learn to use tools, wheels, gears and motors to design and build a radio-controlled robot. These workshops are designed for kids both with or without prior experience in robotics. Sample projects include: Precision driving, minefield challenge, invention exercises, mechanism design and the space exploration challenge.

For Ages 7-12

Bots with Brains

Basic Bot Programming

Students learn the fundamentals of programming by building and writing system operation code for a robot that uses a micro controller and electronic sensors to independently navigate in its environment. Technologies that will be covered includeLego Mindstorms, EV3, Arduino, Robot C andBioloid.

For Ages 8-14

Video Game Design

Minecraft Modding and More

Students learn to code their own video games in 2D and 3D using a wide variety of tools, including the MIT developed game building toolScratch, the Java programming language for modding the popular building gameMinecraft, and even the industry leader game-dev toolUnity to get them started on 3D game development.

For Ages 9-14

The Roboteers Club

New and Advanced Technologies

Joining the Rolling Robots’ membership program gives interested students the opportunity to progress beyond the regular curriculum and into more advanced robotics training. Students will learn additional skills (such as designing and printing out their own custom structures on our on-site 3D printer) and are also invited to participate in new and upcoming international competitions that will push their knowledge to the next level.

For Ages 9+

Competition Team

Battling Bots Worldwide

Advanced Roboteers can join our Competition Team and build robots that will compete internationally against similar ones built by kids around the world! Upcoming and past competitions include:RoboGames, Botball, Vex Robotics, First LEGO League, Fire Fighting, Robotic Sumo, Combots andMech Warfare.

For Ages 9+

Important Note: The current schedule may differ for each location, especially during the summer camp and winter camp season; please check with your specific location for the current schedule.

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